Floral Arrangements Always Brighten

What a surprise! It was nothing but a blank sheet of paper. In online parlance they call this the white space. Caught in a moment of napping. Or perhaps it was a case of being preoccupied with one too many tasks. There is never a dull moment in the life and times of the online writer. He or she can take any form, it does not have to be professional, it could just be you on the bus on your way home from work one night letting the rest of the world have it on your favorite social media feed.

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No, this can’t be write, oopsy daisy, right. What a way to let off steam! Instead of cheering yourself up, let alone those you are targeting, you end up frustrating yourself even further. Do something natural for once in your life. Do a good deed that completely blows the next person away. Heck, you could just nip out and by a bunch of daisies from the professional floral services atlanta ga stall you’ve been passing for how many days now, and give it to the old lady sitting beside you on the bus.

Thank goodness. Because maybe she’s just so old school, she’s probably never met you on your social media feed. She has no idea what a nasty bird you can be at times. But here you are. You’ve just given her that bunch of posies. And you have no idea how much her day just got bigger and better and brighter. You may never see this old bird ever again, given that you’re just so busy and preoccupied, but this little gift of nature and the good side of humanity is something that the little old lady with all her parcels of life is going to remember for the rest of her days.

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