Zipper Merge Helpmeet Easing Traffic Congestion

As long as a majority of road users, for both commercial and private purposes, continue to disregard the new avenues being provided to help ease congestion on the roads and contribute towards reducing the earth’s perilously high carbon levels, it remains inevitable. It’s inevitable that, at some stage or another, the zipper merge will be encountered. And there is irony in this. Heavy construction on roads within functioning urban networks and on its outskirts continues unabated. The irony is that these road construction sites are working towards easing the traffic lanes and reducing the flow of traffic on these busy roads.

And so the zipper merge gets even heavier and longer during these construction phases. Not all functioning cities seem to have noticed this development, however. Dynamic zipper merge installations are conveniently portable. This means that once one set of road traffic lanes have finally returned to quiet ways, the mobile zipper merge indicator can be pressed on to the next traffic jam. And yet there is irony in this as well. You wonder how the truck is going to get this mobile indicator planted at the next roadblock when it’s still got to merge its own way through all the traffic. 

Dynamic zipper merge

But no, the system seems to be working quite well. Dynamic zipper merge installations are placed well in advance of the actual zipper merge. Road users are warned well before the time. They are given early indicators to choose alternative routes and thus avoid the road traffic congestion altogether. In order for the dynamic zipper merge installation to do justice to helping ease the congestion and help make the roads safer, it still needs to be manned. Because what if the system breaks down?

And what if the lights go out?

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